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Custom Armor Group Ethics Program: Embracing Integrity in Every Aspect

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations must strive for excellence in their ethics and compliance programs. "Good enough" is no longer sufficient; they should consistently aim for "great." A robust culture of ethics and compliance is the bedrock of a strong risk management strategy. Custom Armor Group (CAG) is committed to cultivating and maintaining a culture of integrity and fostering a workplace where ethical behavior is the norm.

Defining a Culture of Integrity:

A culture of integrity is essential for any successful ethics and compliance program. At CAG, we focus on creating a positive environment that encourages ethical behavior and decision-making. Key factors that distinguish the highest-performing compliance programs include: 

  1. Tone at the Top: Board and senior management commitment to ethics and compliance is crucial. They should empower and adequately resource those responsible for mitigating risks and building organizational trust daily.
  2. Corporate Culture: A culture of integrity is central to any effective ethics and compliance program. Initiatives that do not clearly contribute to ethical and compliant behavior may be viewed as superficial functions that hinder the enterprise's value change.
  3. Risk Assessments: An essential part of understanding the risks an organization faces, ethics and compliance risk assessments help the board and senior management focus on the most significant risks and determine necessary actions to avoid, mitigate, or remediate them.
  4. Testing and Monitoring: Implementing appropriate controls, conducting regular tests, and monitoring the control environment ensures its effectiveness.
Integrity as a Guiding Principle:

CAG acknowledges the importance of leadership in shaping organizational ethics and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in ethical behavior. We adopt an integrity-based approach to ethics management, which combines a focus on the law with an emphasis on managerial responsibility for ethical conduct. Our integrity strategy encompasses:

  1. Ethical Framework: We integrate ethics into our day-to-day operations to help prevent damaging ethical lapses while tapping into powerful human impulses for moral thought and action.
  2. Governing Ethic: At CAG, integrity is the driving force of our enterprise. Ethical values shape our opportunities, organizational systems, and decision-making processes, unifying distinct functions, lines of business, and employee groups.
  3. Broader, Deeper, and More Demanding: Our integrity strategy is broader than legal compliance, encompassing responsible conduct; deeper, as it extends to the organization's ethos and operating systems; and more demanding, as it requires active efforts to define the responsibilities and aspirations constituting our ethical compass. 
Commitment to Excellence and Service:

Custom Armor Group is devoted to the highest levels of ethical behavior and standards. We understand the sacrifices and dedication of law enforcement and military personnel who risk their lives to protect citizens. Our commitment is to provide them with the highest quality body armor and ensure their protection. We work diligently to offer excellent customer service, building long-term relationships through adherence to best practices.

In conclusion, CAG's integrity-based approach to ethics management combines concern for the law with an emphasis on managerial responsibility for ethical behavior. We strive to create an organizational environment that not only promotes ethical conduct but also instills a governing ethos, demonstrating what CAG stands for and represents.

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