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Body Armor: A Vital Piece of Safety Equipment for Police, Fire & EMS Professionals in Today's World

First responders such as police, firefighters, and EMTs play a critical role in protecting and saving lives during emergencies, putting themselves in harm's way to keep others safe. With an increasing number of incidents involving violence against first responders, it has become essential for them to prioritize their own safety by considering body armor options tailored to their unique needs. Custom Armor Group (CAG) offers a range of body armor solutions designed to address the specific requirements of first responders.

  • Rising Threats Against First Responders

The world has seen a disturbing rise in violent incidents targeting first responders, even as they perform their duty in various sectors of public safety. The Webster, New York incident, where an ex-convict ambushed and fired upon first responders, is just one example of the grave danger they face. As a result, body armor has become increasingly vital for all first responders, not just police officers. 

  • Body Armor Solutions Tailored for First Responders

CAG manufactures a variety of plate carriers specifically designed for first responders beyond law enforcement. These carriers cater to individuals whose primary function may not be combat but who may still face potential gunfire while performing life-saving tasks. CAG offers many options for first responders in our line of vests and plate carriers. All are made of Cordura nylon, made in the USA, and with the option to be fire retardant. Each carrier has pockets for plates ranging from 8x10 to 10x12, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various scenarios.

  • Diverse Options for Different Uniform and Visibility Needs

CAG recognizes that first responders require body armor options to match their unique uniform and visibility needs. Therefore, they produce plate carriers in a variety of colors, such as black, blue, red, and tan, to accommodate different scenarios and departments.

With decades of experience, knowledge, and research, Custom Armor Group is committed to creating the best protective body armor for everyone, including first responders. Ensuring that those who wear CAG products return home safely at the end of their shift is a top priority. By choosing CAG's body armor solutions, first responders, fire departments, and emergency services can trust that they are providing their personnel with the highest level of protection in today's increasingly dangerous world.

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