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AR500.com Body Armor Recall

The CAG AR500™ is Custom Armor Group’s Steel Hard Armor Level III Plate. Our CAG AR500 is the only steel plate in the market that is NIJ 0101.06 compliant and is designed to defeat Level III threats from high velocity rifle rounds. Our CAG AR500 is an economical and thin hard armor plate used by law enforcement, survivalists, special forces, and foreign military services.

According to the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission, there was a 10,000 unit recall of AR500 Armor Level III body armor plates, including chest plates, side plates and ABS panels that were manufactured and distributed by AR500 Armor, of Phoenix, Arizona. This recall impacts the AR500 steel plates that the company “AR500 Armor” sold to its dealers and customers from February 2016 through March 2016.

In response to customer inquiry, we want to clarify that this recent recall against AR500 Armor (a company located in AZ) is completely unrelated to Custom Armor Group or our CAG AR500 steel plate. As stated, this body armor recall was specific to AR500 Armor for the AR500 Steel Plates they manufactured. “AR500” is actually the name of the steel material used to make AR500 armor plates. AR500 steel is short for Abrasion Resistant (AR) steel with a Brinell hardness of 500.