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Combination Armor: Bridging the Gap Between Ballistic and Stab Resistance

The requirements for personal protection equipment, especially body armor, can significantly vary based on the environment and threats. Police officers, security personnel, and military personnel might need protection from bullets...

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September 11th: Honoring Sacrifices and Serving Those Who Serve Us

September 11th, 2001 remains an indelible mark on America's collective memory. That fateful day didn't just change the course of history; it showcased the indomitable spirit of humanity. At the...

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Ballistic Blankets: The Unsung Heroes in Tactical Equipment

Innovation remains at the forefront in the ever-changing landscape of public safety, homeland security, and military operations. While flashy gadgets like drones, night-vision goggles, and highly sophisticated weaponry often garner...

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Body Armor in Specialized Environments: Navigating the Challenges of Maritime, Desert, and Arctic Warfare

In the vast expanse of our planet, from the deep blue oceans to the vast deserts and the icy poles, the environments are as diverse as they are challenging. For...

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The Rise of Online Resellers in the Body Armor Market: A Cautionary Tale

At CAG, our primary focus has always been ensuring safety and reliability. While we don't cater to civilian sales, our commitment to the broader community drives us to keep the...

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Empowering Women on the Frontlines with Tailored Body Armor

The importance of body armor has been underscored through centuries of warfare and law enforcement. This essential equipment has been designed with a male wearer in mind, leading to a...

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The Truth Behind Bulletproof Backpacks

As staunch supporters of the Second Amendment at Custom Armor Group (CAG), we uphold the principle that the rights of American citizens to bear arms are sacrosanct. Our business is...

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The Importance of Ballistic Resistant Testing: Certified NVLAP-Accredited Laboratories vs. In-house/Backyard Ranges

When it comes to ballistic-resistant testing, quality assurance, precision, and consistency are of paramount importance. The product testing environment is critical in ensuring that ballistic-resistant products meet or exceed industry...

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The Core Components Used in Body Armor Production

Body armor, a staple of safety in various high-risk fields, plays an instrumental role in ensuring the safety and protection of individuals. This includes military personnel, law enforcement officers, fire...

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