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Is Misleading Information Jeopardizing Your Safety? A Look at Deceptive Practices in Body Armor Manufacturing

Ensuring your safety is crucial when purchasing body armor. To be confident in your choice, it is essential to know that the armor meets high standards and quality assurance. However, some manufacturers use deceptive practices, putting your safety at risk. Here, we explore how the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Compliance Testing Program (CTP) works to address this issue and ensure your body armor is reliable.

  • Understanding the NIJ Compliance Testing Program (CTP)

The NIJ CTP establishes performance requirements for ballistic armor, partnering with independent NVLAP accredited laboratories to inspect and test products for compliance with these standards. This program aims to provide law enforcement officers and practitioners with confidence in the performance and reliability of their ballistic armor.

  • Deceptive Practices in the Industry

Before October 2016, manufacturers indicated their participation in the NIJ CTP using a statement of compliance on their labels. Unfortunately, this statement was susceptible to manipulation, allowing some companies to create misleading statements that falsely implied NIJ CTP compliance. This led to confusion and difficulty for buyers when making informed decisions.

  • The NIJ Mark of Compliance

To counter the misuse of the CTP label, the NIJ introduced the NIJ Mark of Compliance, a logo that signifies a specific model of armor has been tested and found to comply with the current NIJ ballistic-resistant body armor standard and NIJ CTP requirements. This mark must be present on all armor models manufactured after March 1, 2017, to be considered NIJ-compliant.

  • Protecting Yourself from Deceptive Practices

When evaluating and purchasing body armor for your agency, the new NIJ Mark serves as a helpful tool in identifying NIJ-compliant body armor. Buyers should look for this mark as added assurance when researching ballistic-resistant body armor options. 

Custom Armor Group (CAG) is proud to be authorized to implement the new NIJ Mark. With this mark in place, there is no doubt that armor bearing this label is NIJ compliant or commonly referred to as NIJ certified. By being aware of the NIJ Mark and understanding the importance of NIJ CTP compliance, you can ensure you are purchasing body armor that provides the necessary protection and safety you need.

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