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Shaping A Safer Tomorrow: CAG's Commitment Reflected in Customer Testimonials

At Custom Armor Group (CAG), we work towards one goal - to save and protect lives. We strive to deliver superior quality protective gear that safeguards our customers in the line of duty and the testimonials we receive serve as a testament to our relentless dedication and commitment.

We're incredibly proud and humbled by the faith placed in our products by esteemed clients from various branches of federal agencies, state law enforcement departments, and private security organizations.

Today, we share a selection of these client testimonials that reflect our dedication to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

  1. U.S. Department of State – ACOTA Program: Full Body Armor Kits

From 2010 to the present day, we have deployed more than 35,000 full-body armor kits as part of the ACOTA program. Our client at the U.S. Department of State shares their experience:

"CAG's full body armor kits have demonstrated remarkable durability and performance. Their combination of vests, plates, and helmets has provided our personnel with the safety and comfort they need in the ACOTA program. The unwavering commitment to quality and reliability sets CAG apart from others."

  1. U.S. Department of Defense – Specialized Units: High-Performance ACH High Cut Helmets.

From 2014 to the present day, we have supplied more than 18,000 high-performance ACH high-cut helmets to specialized units. Our clients at the U.S. Department of Defense have this to say:

"In an environment where every second counts, CAG's High-Performance ACH High Cut helmets have proven to be a game-changer. The superior protection and comfort they offer have greatly improved the operational effectiveness of our specialized units. Their dedication to excellence sets them apart."

  1. U.S. Marshals: Ballistic Shields Program

From 2016 to 2020, we deployed over 2000 ballistic shields to various units of the U.S. Marshals. A representative from the Marshals shares:

"The nationwide deployment of ballistic shields from CAG has significantly enhanced our front-line defense. These shields are robust, ergonomic, and provide superior protection. This only affirms CAG's commitment to high-quality protective solutions."

  1. American Embassies Worldwide: Rifle Armor Kits with Level IV Armor Plates

From 2019 to 2022, we deployed more than 8000 rifle armor kits with Level IV armor plates to American embassies worldwide. An embassy official stated:

"With CAG's Rifle Armor Kits, our embassies across the globe have seen a substantial enhancement in their protective capabilities. The Level IV armor plates reflect CAG's commitment to top-notch quality and innovation. Coupled with their impeccable customer service, our collaboration has been highly fruitful."

  1. Charlotte Police Department: Soft Armor Vests 

From 2016 to 2017, we supplied more than 900 units of soft armor vests to the Charlotte Police Department. A representative from the department shares: 

"The introduction of CAG's lightweight Level II and Level IIIA armor packages has revolutionized our officers' mobility and comfort without compromising protection. CAG's relentless innovation and focus on quality are commendable."

Closing Discussion:

These heartening words of appreciation from our customers reiterate their faith in our Business-to-Government (B2G) and Business-to-Business (B2B) programs. They validate our unwavering pledge to provide unrivaled body armor solutions, designed with the highest standards of quality, protection, and comfort.

CAG is proud to collaborate with major defense contractors, as well as support smaller businesses, including those classified as National Industries for the Blind (NIB), veteran-owned, minority-owned, and HUBZone organizations.

In essence, these testimonials fuel our mission to save and protect more lives through our continuous innovation and superior-quality protective gear. We are resolute in our commitment to being the shield for those who protect us, and these positive endorsements reinforce our status as a trusted and respected leader in the body armor industry.

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