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Hey there, welcome to my blog where I share my thoughts on various topics related to personal safety and security. Today, I want to talk about something that is very important for anyone who faces potential threats in their line of work or daily life: body armor ballistic-resistant protection.

You never know when danger might strike. Whether you are an operator on the front lines of the battlefield or on the front lines of our local communities, as our military and law enforcement including first responders across fire-rescue, EMS, correctional, and other public safety officials who all have loved ones who significantly value your safety, you need to be prepared for any scenario. That’s why you need to be critical of your supplier of body armor and ballistic-resistant products and choose wisely.

Body armor is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different types of body armor offer different levels of protection against different types of threats. According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which sets standards for body armor performance and testing, ballistic-resistant body armor protects against bullet penetrations and the blunt trauma associated with bullet impacts. These vests include soft body armor that protects against handgun bullets and less flexible tactical armor composed of soft and hard components that protect against rifle bullets.

Soft body armor is usually made of multiple layers of woven or laminated fibers that can absorb and disperse the impact energy from handgun rounds. Some examples of materials used for soft body armor are Kevlar®, Tensylon®, and CoreMatrix™. Soft body armor is lightweight, comfortable, and discreet. You can wear it under your clothing or over it, depending on your preference and operational situation.

Hard body armor is usually made of ceramic plates or metal plates that can stop rifle rounds from penetrating. Hard body armor is more rigid, bulky, and heavy than soft body armor. You usually wear it over your clothing as part of a tactical vest or plate carrier. Hard body armor provides more protection than soft body armor but also reduces your mobility and comfort.

The NIJ also classifies body armor into different threat levels based on the caliber and velocity of the bullets they can stop. The higher the threat level, the more protection the body armor provides but also the heavier and thicker it becomes.

The NIJ 0101.06 threat levels are:
  • Level IIA: Protects against 9mm FMJ RN bullets with a velocity of 373 m/s (± 9.1 m/s) and .40 S&W FMJ bullets with a velocity of 352 m/s (± 9.1 m/s).
  • Level II: Protects against 9mm FMJ RN bullets with a velocity of 398 m/s (± 9.1 m/s) and .357 Magnum JSP bullets with a velocity of 436 m/s (± 9.1 m/s).
  • Level IIIA: Protects against .357 SIG FMJ FN bullets with a velocity of 448 m/s (± 9.1 m/s) and .44 Magnum SJHP bullets with a velocity of 436 m/s (± 9.1 m/s).
  • Level III: Protects against 7.62mm NATO FMJ bullets with a velocity of 847 m/s (± 9.1 m/s).
  • Level IV: Protects against .30 caliber M2 AP bullets with a velocity of 878 m/s (± 9.1 m/s).


When choosing your body armor ballistic-resistant protection, you need to consider several factors such as:
  • The type and level of threats you may encounter.
  • The weight and comfort level you can tolerate.
  • The coverage area you need.
  • The durability and maintenance requirements.
  • The cost-effectiveness.

You also need to make sure that your body armor fits properly according to your gender, size, shape, posture, etc. A poorly fitted vest can compromise its effectiveness or cause injuries.

One company that I highly recommend for your body armor ballistic-resistant protection needs is CAG (Custom Armor Group). CAG has built a reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers to the U.S. DOD and law enforcement throughout the United States and abroad. Their products are designed to protect you from bullets, knives, and other blunt impact threats. Their body armor is rigidly tested, certified, and complies with numerous standards from around the world to ensure our heroes are guaranteed to return home safely.

CAG offers a wide range of products such as:
  • Concealable Vests
  • Hard Armor Plates
  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Soft Armor Panels
  • Tactical, Overt, and Covert Vests
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Tactical Gear and Accessories

You can customize your order according to your preferences and specifications.



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