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CAG’s First Responder Support

Rapid Response Supply Chain

Understanding the critical nature of emergencies, CAG has developed a specialized rapid-response supply chain dedicated to public safety. Our logistics are designed to deliver essential equipment to first responders with unprecedented speed and reliability. This ensures that law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS professionals have immediate access to life-saving gear in times of crisis, reflecting our deep commitment to the communities they serve.



CAG's distribution network is strategically organized to align with the geographical and logistical nuances of public safety operations across the U.S. By leveraging local insights and regional distribution centers; we ensure that our protective gear is readily available wherever and whenever it's needed most, thus enhancing the overall readiness and response capabilities of first responders.

Public Safety Standards Adherence

At CAG, we recognize that the equipment first responders use must adhere to unique standards and specifications. Our products are rigorously tested and validated against the most stringent public safety standards. This dedication ensures that every item we supply – from body armor to emergency gear – meets the specific needs and requirements of the diverse first responder community.

Partnership in Safety Regulation

We actively collaborate with regulatory bodies and public safety agencies to stay ahead of evolving standards and requirements. This collaborative approach ensures compliance with current regulations and allows us to contribute to developing future public safety guidelines. Our proactive stance in regulatory partnership underscores our commitment to the safety and effectiveness of the equipment used by those on the front lines of public safety.

In times of uncertainty, we stand united with America's first responders. Our commitment goes beyond equipping — it's about empowering the heroes on the front lines of our communities. In moments of crisis, they are the steadfast guardians of hope and safety. Join us in honoring their bravery and ensuring a more secure future for all.

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CAG's Nationwide Commitment – Supporting America's First Responders

CAG's presence across the United States exemplifies our commitment to America's first responders. From vibrant cities to secluded rural communities, our advanced body armor and equipment are a steadfast ally for law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS professionals. More than just cutting-edge technology, our products pledge to shield those who protect our communities.

Our U.S.-focused interactive map highlights our significant impact. It invites you to explore our extensive reach and proven track record, revealing the diverse scenarios and regions where CAG has bolstered first responder safety and effectiveness. From urban police operations to critical fire and EMS missions, our gear has been vital in many emergencies, reinforcing our dedication to equip those bravely serving on the front lines with the utmost protection and confidence.

CAG Supports U.S. Public Safety Agencies

CAG is deeply committed to supporting U.S. public safety agencies, encompassing law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS. Our mission extends across America's diverse communities, providing advanced equipment and support essential for effective service and protection.

In partnership with these agencies, CAG enhances the capabilities of first responders in urban and rural settings. Our dedication to equipping these guardians of public safety reflects our profound respect for their service and our unwavering commitment to community well-being and security.

Our First Responder Products

Precision-engineered for everyday heroes. Explore our range of equipment trusted by law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS professionals nationwide. Durable, reliable, and designed for the rigors of public safety — because every response counts. Discover now.

CAG: Pioneering Protection for America's First Responders

Custom Armor Group's heart lies in safeguarding those who protect our communities. We are at the forefront of integrating world-class engineering with public safety precision. Our collaborations with leading engineers and manufacturers worldwide ensure that the equipment we provide to law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS is revolutionary. Each piece of gear is a product of advanced technology and innovative design, meeting the most demanding standards of protection and reliability. In this synergy of expertise and dedication, CAG sets the benchmark in public safety equipment – offering more than just protection. We offer assurance. Choose CAG for gear that not only meets the challenges faced by first responders but empowers them to serve with unparalleled confidence and safety.

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